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"Own a franchise and be a harbinger of change." Franchise business is the new trend that is paving the way for budding business entrepreneurs to get associated with the best franchise organisation across the globe. With a renowned franchise business, you also get the benefit of brand name and quality standards that gives you a competitive edge. Kickstarting a business may always not be easy. Still, if you are looking to grabbing the best business opportunity in India, and you want to become a business entrepreneur, the best way is to invest in a franchise business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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FOCO model or franchise owned company operated model is one that has a franchisee boring all the cost of opening and setting up a franchising outlet but the company or the brand pays for the running costs. The profit per cent taken by a company is lower in this business model than the FOFO model. The company is responsible for equipment and its maintenance, staff and employment and expansion. The franchisee invests in location and legal procedures and the franchise will be under the name of the franchisee. A FOFO model or the franchise owned franchise operated model is one that is owned and operated by the franchisee, the franchisee pays the franchise fee and royalties to the franchisor for using the brand name but mostly keeps the majority profits incurred, and this may be variable according to the company or brand. If you are looking for a laid-back approach and are compatible with a lower profit per cent with less commitment, FOCO is ideal because it has minimum franchisee involvement. FOCO model lays control in the hands of the franchisee and the franchisee can operate it under minimum interference of the company.

Franchising is very promising in the modern economy. It has low risks with guarantee of income. It is tried and tested on various platforms like food, fitness, spa industry. You cannot think of a fast food product without thinking of a franchise based product in the modern day, it is conclusive proof that franchising is successful in the business sector. There are various models that benefit both the franchisors and the franchisees like FOCO or the FOCO model and various settlements like the Single unit or the Multi unit franchise that are malleable according to your business model and approach. Franchising also offers a safe exit plan with a good resale value which might not be the case for a brand established by you. Franchising is definitely safer than starting your own business since it requires lesser commitment and cost.

One should acquire a franchise that fits best to their business approach, franchisee involvement policies and perks offered by the franchisor. If you are a new investor, acquiring a franchise of a company that show success in the franchising sector already is the best option. Choosing the right franchise is the deciding factor for the success of your venture. Not only should one consider a franchise depending on a compatible business plan and the budget, but one should also keep in mind the competition, see if the franchise you wish to acquire has any other outlets in a radius of 2km or also consider the possible competitors around your location. You need to maximise your potential by allocating the maximum crowd into your outlet and sizing your competitors is an important part of it.

You can demand a FDD (franchise disclosure document) from the franchisor and it will be their legal obligation to provide you with fees, start-up costs etc. however, this method may not be ideal if you want information on their earnings or intellectual property like recipes etc. without investing in their franchise. You might want to connect to a franchise advisory to the job. Here’s one in Delhi NCR with the master franchise of various brands__

Most franchisors require franchisees to pay a fee on a regular basis (weekly, monthly or yearly). Usually, it's a percentage of sales; sometimes it's a flat fee. Some franchisors also require a separate royalty fee to cover travelling, audits and implement of guidelines . The typical rate of royalty fee 7% - 10% but that depends on the company or brand, to know what your brand is worth you might want to hire a Franchise strategy company, here’s one in India with the master franchise of various brands.

Franchising can fit into multiple domains of budgets. The price of a franchisee is influenced by how popular the brand is or how much profit it guarantees. Well established and popular international brands have franchises that are more expensive than franchises of domestic brands even if they are equally promising. The minimum cost one should expect to spend is 1 CR (in Indian rupees) this may be succeeded with royalties and fees that may be collected monthly or annually.

There are many brands that franchise their outlets in India. Investors can find brands that fit their ideologies the best, many franchises have themes and follow specific concepts. One has the option to acquire a franchise of casual dining restaurants, restaurant bars, quick service restaurant chains, cafés, café bars, Night Clubs , Buffet restaurants , Fitness Franchise , Salon and Spa Franchise, lounges, bars and breweries with various themes.

It is really important to choose the right franchisees to expand your brand especially if you are just starting franchising your brand. An expansion strategy company provides a network for expansion and helps you find the right franchisees; they offer various services and assistance and help franchisors set up a vendor base. Hers one in Delhi NCR

Initial investment of acquiring a franchise is high with franchise fees, registration of govt licenses, construction, designing , equipment and appliances etc. even after earning good profit through sales the costs are succeeded with royalties and maintenance so it takes nearly an ear to come out of the negatives and finally start incurring profits in positive. This may be sooner depending on the sales. Every Brand has different payback period time and its varies on which franchise you have choosen. The Average Payback period is 24 – 36 months.

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Our adherence to ethical principles and business practices has made us carve a niche for ourselves and become a leading name. A team of arduous professionals, along with franchising experience, forms the underpinning of Brands and Branches.

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Rendering round the clock customer support sets us ahead of our contemporaries. We believe in providing unending support to our clients. Brands and Branches believe in establishing a long-term relationship with its associates.

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What makes Brands and Branches your ultimate destination for franchising opportunity is that you get the best brands from the world of franchising. Whether you want the best restaurant franchise, or spa and salon franchise, or a gym franchise, you will only find the best and premium name enlisted with us.

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In addition to helping you find the best business franchise options, we also leverage our services in managing your investment portfolio. We help assess the market trends and thus help you reap benefits of the same. Brands and Branches extend their services in consulting, providing investor service, and market analysis.



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