Cafés and Lounges taking a bite out of Pune’s evolving food trends

Cafés and Lounges taking a bite out of Pune’s evolving food trends

Expansion of Café and Lounge franchises in Pune

Pune’s dining scene has flourished with some of the best brands opening their doors to the foodies of the metropolitan. There is a balance of new flavours and old favourites that make this city unique. When the world goes crazy over pizzas and burgers, Punekars are sui generis in their quest for eclectic dining choices.

The city caters majorly to its sizable youth population and IT professionals. Food trendsetters are on the rise in this city in view of Cafes and Lounges that provide ideal hangout spots to the college crowds. Pune has one of the most developed nightlife in the country that is much needed for the skyrocketing food and beverage sector of the city. Pune’s well developed infrastructure attracts many domestic and international tourists and it is a very cosmopolitan city with over 40% of its population being from out of the state. Whether its Delhi’s street food, Bombay’s vada pav, Chennai’s Sambhar, Kolkatta’s smoked fish, Punekars have cravings for all of them. Cafes and lounges are expanding their brands in the city due to the profitability of the market.

The Café market of the city has witnessed an aggressive expansion by established brands, both domestic and international since eating out is no longer occasion driven, it become a daily activity. Pune has no dearth of young adults taking up a franchise business model to capitulate satisfying returns on investment in cafés and lounges. Unlike fast-food outlets, cafes and lounges serve hand-made dishes rather than mass produced frozen foods which works well with the fitness conscious crowd.

Looking for café and lounge franchises in Pune?

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