Everlast Retail


Category Type: Clothing Franchise,
Head Office Located: London
Year the Brand was founded in: 1910
Number of Outlet: 3500+
Training and Support: Yes
Payback Period (Years): 2 -2.5
Expansion Locations: India
Monthly Royalties (%): 35
Area Requirement: 1500-3000 SQFT
Agreement Terms (Years): 5
Capital Investment: 1 Cr - 1.2 Cr
Note : The above stated figures are approximate figures and they are not intended to be taken as exact figures, these figures have been provided to give a rough idea about the franchise Model and its ROI ( Return on Investment).

Short Description:

Everlast Retail Franchise

The investors who are not looking for wafer-thin profits and are eyeing at a bigger chunk have a biggie entering the Indian market. Everlast Retail stores, a renwoed name in authentic boxing, footwear, equipment, apparel, and accessorie, will soon be opening their franchises in India.

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The investors who are not looking for wafer-thin profits and are eyeing at a bigger chunk have a biggie entering the Indian market. Everlast Retail stores, a renwoed name in authentic boxing, footwear, equipment, apparel, and accessorie, will soon be opening their franchises in India.

Retail franchises have picked up the growth pace in India. The Indian market is considered one of the most profitable lands of opportunities, especially for franchise businesses. There are umpteen examples to quote here. India is a mega-market for the most profitable franchise businesses to set up and prosper. The franchise business model has a proven track record of success in India. With the Everlast retail franchise in India, we are going to have yet another profitable addition to the list. Speaking of franchise development in India, Brands and Branches will be unfurling the various Everlast franchise outlets across the nation. So, your story of owning a successful brand starts with Brands and Branches.

Exploring more about Everlast Retail Franchise
Everlast is a brand that speaks volumes. The name has been synonymous with boxing and has been lauded since 1910. A century-old brand that still lives up to its brand value continues to lure the lovers of boxing. The company initially started as a swimwear manufacturing brand, and later got into the business of manufacturing sports equipment and sports apparel. While the brand is majorly associated with boxing, its range of products has expanded to footwear and sportswear. 

While the business was doing extensively well, the demand for the brand started to increase across the globe. The franchise model was the easiest and best way  to expand globally, and Everlast retail franchises started expanding. India, a promising prospect for the franchise businesses, also attracted the attention of many international franchises, and so we have Everlast making its way to India. 

Everlast Retail Product line 
Everlast Retail caters to the fashion needs of both men and women, and it offers the following products under its retail and fashion segment.

  • Tops
  • Graphic Tees
  • Bottoms
  • Competition Apparel
  • Footwear

The company has extensively spent time and money to prepare a comfortable and quality product line, which makes Everlast retail products different from the others. With the growing demand for high-end products in the Indian market and international brands serving the aspirational value of the people, Everlast Retail franchise outlets will easily carve a niche even in the most competitive markets of India. 

What's in it for you?

The franchise's success is evident, and there are several examples to support this fact. Brands and Branches has proven its expertise in this zone, and this franchise consulting firm has helped in the expansion of some of the biggest names in the franchise business. Everlast Retail franchises will be present across India, and when you invest in a franchise model, the support and assistance you get are unparalleled. 

Here is what you get when you join Everlast retail franchise:

1.         Conceptual assistance- The first thing that any franchisee needs is conceptual assistance to understand the brand, its functioning, legacy, and the protocol of operations. Investing in a franchise model will give you all the support that will make you understand the brand and how it works. 

2.         Structural and legal support- Well, starting a business has paraphernalia of things to cater to, from paperwork, documentation, finalization of the space for opening the franchise, investing in the right marketing strategy, and much more. With Brands and Branches, you will get all the necessary assistance that will help you expand and strengthen the franchisee business in your city

3.         Training support- The retail market is highly competitive, and striving through this competition without the right assistance can be difficult, but with Brands and Branches, you will get all the assistance and support that is going to make your franchise a success. The extensive and rigorous training program incorporates the franchise owner's training, staff and support team’s training. The objective is to bring every individual associated with the Everlast retail franchise on the same page. 

With all this support and assistance, it will become easier for the franchises to grow and establish a strong foothold in the Indian market. 

What's next?

The next step should be deciding to invest in the best retail franchise in India, and the opportunity is right here for you. With Everlast Franchise, you are getting structural, legal, marketing and branding support and assurance of making it a success. Brands and Branches will be on an expansion spree of the Everlast Retail franchises. Joining hands with the the most trusted names in the business will definitely help your business grow. 

About Brands and Branches
Brands and Branches hold decade-long expertise and experience in establishing and nurturing franchise businesses. The company has already established a profound name in establishing some of the most acclaimed food and beverage franchises and is all set to repeat the story in the retail franchise segment.


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